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Membership: Shifters Voice Club

Individuals who join the Shifters Voice Club are discerning individuals who believe in freedom of expression and appreciate unconventional information and news.

Membership to this Club is via invitation or nomination only and there is a minimal yearly fee of R600 (R50 per month) payable.


Membership to the E-Club includes the following:-

  • A private section for members only.
  • Exclusive members only news content.
  • Access to events & gatherings.
  • Discounts on events & gatherings.
  • Relevant podcasts and videos.
  • Member’s resources.
  • Network of like-minded people.
  • Opportunity to advertise your business or services.
  • A variety of discussion forums for members.
  • An online payment system to collect member dues, contributions, and other fees.


Yearly Membership Fee: 2x People (couples/partners): R600 (R50 per month)

If you are interested to become a member of the E-Club go here to complete the online application form.

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